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03rd Aug 2015

Watch John Oliver rip into ‘cocaine and prostitutes’ Lord and British establishment (Video)

Too funny...

Ben Kenyon

When John Oliver has you in his sights, you know you’re going to have the p*ss ripped out of you.

He’s been hammering Sepp Blatter for the last god-knows-how-long. Again and again and again.

But now the British comedian has trained that rumbustious wit on a scandal far closer to home – the Sun’s front page about Lord Sewel allegedly snorting cocaine with prostitutes. As you do.

Obviously it’s not going to be huge news in his adopted America about an old peer reportedly spunking (pun intended) taxpayers’ money on marching powder and ladies of the night.

But the chance to have a pop at the ridiculousness of Britain’s ludicrous political traditions was obviously too much to resist. So he gave it both barrels, obviously.

The best bit is where he reads the pompous-sounding names of British Lords over photos of equally pretentious-looking pets…