New leaked footage of Joaquin Phoenix causing havoc as the Joker 2 years ago

New leaked footage of Joaquin Phoenix causing havoc as the Joker

It appears the Joker is back up to his old tricks with Joaquin Phoenix playing him. What's he like?

Hey! This is an open letter to all the policemen and policewomen of Gotham! Please read carefully! You know... the Joker, don't you?

That guy with the clown makeup. It's slightly different now, as far as I'm aware, but that is still very much the same dude bringing the mischief over all these years.

Yeah so, the Joker, the criminal mastermind responsible for almost all of the major incidents that occur in Gotham, ever notice how, whenever something big goes down, he just gets to slowly walk off away from the carnage?

I don't know if this is an idea at all, but something to consider might be, er, I don't know, attempting to arrest him? Maybe attempting to arrest the guy you always see slowly walking away from major crime scenes? That might help? Rather than just running past him to go and arrest like, I don't know, four nameless goons, it might be an idea to NOT ignore the central culprit? Maybe one of you should just stop and give him a quick search or something? You seem to love doing that to black people anyway, why does this guy get let off? He's literally wearing fucking clown makeup. Surely that's more of a telltale sign than anything that he's either running some kind of child sex trafficking ring or has just robbed a bank, no?

Would make Batman's life a bit easier, wouldn't it? If you could just, sort of, I don't know, RETAIN A FUCKING SUSPECT? THE PRIME SUSPECT. THE ONLY SUSPECT.

Sorry. Anyway here is exactly that issue demonstrated in new behind the scenes footage involving the Joker LITERALLY HAVING A CIGARETTE BREAK whilst the police force of Gotham scamper past him to go and save a cat up a tree or help an old lady cross the road.

Video couresty of Hollywood Pipeline

Please do note the fantastic moment at 0:13 involving a policeman absolutely stacking it for some reason. Was that in the script? Or did he genuinely just trip over himself and make it look like a piece of terrible acting?

Regardless, the scene does look kinda cool, reminiscent of Ledger's iconic amble as the hospital crumbles to dust behind him. Joaquin Phoenix's Joker seems a bit more melancholy and weary, almost bored of how easy it is to send the Gotham police force running down a rabbit hole.

Let's just all be glad Jared Leto, an otherwise good-to-great actor, wasn't granted the chance to reprise his annoying Soundcloud rapper style Joker from the aptly named Suicide Squad.