New Joker photo shows Joaquin Phoenix in all-different clown make-up 3 years ago

New Joker photo shows Joaquin Phoenix in all-different clown make-up

We still don’t know much about this movie tbh

The Batman-less Joker movie continues to build up steam. Last week, we got the first look at Joaquin Phoenix in full Joker make-up.


Then some on-set video leaked, giving us a look at his full costume.

The movie – just titled Joker – stars the Walk The Line actor as Batman’s greatest villain and will provide a backstory to the clown prince of crime set in the early 1980s.

Now, however, director Todd Phillips has posted another photo of Phoenix in the movie – and he is wearing a completely different clown costume.

Whereas the previously released images showed a Joker more in line with how he is depicted in the comics, this is a much more traditional clown. We have no idea how this fits into the story, but it suggests Phoenix may go through several transformations.


In case you missed the first reveal, here is that video to compare and contrast.

Director Todd Phillips is mostly known for his comedies (The Hangover Trilogy, Old School, Starsky & Hutch), so he seems like an odd choice to bring us such a potentially dark tale, unless he's going the De Niro-in-King Of Comedy route, telling us the story of a man pushed well beyond his own threshold for sanity.

Phillips is also co-writing the movie, with the guy who previously gave us the likes of 8 Mile, The Fighter, and The Finest Hours.


Which would go some way to explain why De Niro is also in the cast list for this movie, as well as Zazie Beetz (who stole the show in Deadpool 2), comedian Marc Maron (GLOW), and Frances Conroy (Six Feet Under), who is rumoured to be playing Phoenix's mother.

Alec Baldwin had previously been cast as Thomas (father of Bruce) Wayne, who was said to be lined up to be portrayed in a very Donald Trump-esque way, but he eventually dropped out, and has been replaced by Brett Cullen (Narcos).

 So, yeah, a total mixed bag, and almost impossible to predict what to expect.

Joker is due for release in cinemas on 4 October 2019.