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31st Aug 2016

Watch Soccer Saturday’s Chris Kamara commentate a Call of Duty game

Unbelievable Jeff!

Kevin Beirne

There are people you wish could just soundtrack your life.

Everything from brushing your teeth to tying your shoelaces would feel like an achievement worth sticking on your CV if it were narrated by the dulcet tones of Morgan Freeman or the bizarre cadence of Christopher Walken. Hell, we’d even settle for the dry wit of that guy off Come Dine With Me.

But let’s be honest, most of us don’t lead interesting enough lives to warrant such a voice-over.

We’re less “world-class narrator” and more “that guy from Soccer Saturday who sometimes forgets to watch the games”.

Chris Kamara was on hand to commentate a recent spate of Call of Duty: Black Ops III matches ahead of the finals of the Call of Duty World League Championship.

We’re not too sure that he really knew what was going on in front of him, but then he’s been there before (exhibit A: the video above).

There may not have been as many calls of “UNBELIEVABLE” as we expected, but there are still enough classic Kammy moments to keep us happy.

The Sky Sports presenter brings his own spin to the game, accusing one player of diving and trying to carry over some other footballing terms to proceedings.

Unbelievable, Jeff.

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