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20th May 2019

WATCH: Cast of Game of Thrones say goodbye to fans in emotional video

Rudi Kinsella

And now our watch has ended

After being on a journey with the cast of Game of Thrones for the best part of 10 years, it is finally time to say goodbye.

There’s no spoilers here by the way, so don’t worry.

There has been a mixed reaction to the ending to the show, but this is probably just a testament to how much people care about the whole thing.

The reaction may have caused people to forget that the cast of the show worked on the project for almost 10 years, and finishing it is probably an emotional experience already, without being absolutely torn apart on the internet.

But the reaction of the fans hasn’t stopped the cast from paying tribute to the fans who have come on the journey with them.

In this emotional video, we see the cast of the show talk about their experience on Game of Thrones, while thanking fans for welcoming them.

Perhaps the best part of the video is John Bradley, the actor who plays Samwell Tarley, saying: “Thank you so much for trusting me with this character, who you’ve known for over 20 years.”

But when Emilia Clarke starts tearing up a bit, let’s just say we’re not far off doing the same…

Clip via GameofThrones