Videos show Astroworld concertgoers begging staff for help 9 months ago

Videos show Astroworld concertgoers begging staff for help

People were clearly trying to tell organisers and security to stop the show

More and more footage is being shared from Travis Scott's Astroworld festival which was cut short this weekend due to the deaths of eight people and hundreds of others injured. Clips show several fans pleading with staff to stop the show.


Scott, who is now being sued for "inciting the crowd", is only seen to be made aware of safety issues in one video; however, it was clear that several individuals - and later large sections of the Houston crowd - tried to inform him and his the events team that something was wrong.

*Warning — the following footage may cause distress*


Scott released a statement on Saturday November 6 following the tragic event, saying how he was "devastated" by the loss of life but was committed to working with the local authorities and the community as they investigate and provide support surrounding the incidents.

Nevertheless, as you can see in this follow-on clip, one fan is distraught as he tries to tell a technician to pass on information for the show to be stopped as other members of the audience tell him to get down, not realising the severity of the situation inside the crowd.

One person can be heard saying: "People in the pit will take care of them":


Regardless of whether they had been made aware of safety issues, people falling unconscious and actually dying in amongst the huge crowd, more footage shows people trying to escape the crush which injured hundreds as Scott continued amid the chaos.

Chants of "stop the show" also rang out but were unfortunately drowned out by the music:


You can see people trying to haul both friends and strangers over the barriers in NRG Park as the crush refuses to relent, with many seemingly trying to get to safety before the drop kicks in and circumstances get even worse.

Another video from yet another fan described the entire experience as like being "in f***ing hell", describing to the VIP section as being laid out with people passed out and potentially dead.

*Warning — this description of the CPR procedures is particularly graphic*


The Houston Police and Fire Department have already warned that the initial death toll from November 5 could rise following hospitalisations, with an estimated 300 estimated injuries also listed as a result of the incident.

The Astroworld investigation is sure to carry on for some time and have a huge impact surrounding safety and security around future festivals and large-scale events.

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