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06th Apr 2022

Video shows Jake Paul secure his latest KO – against a mascot at basketball game

Danny Jones

Jake Paul KOs mascot

Jake Paul has secured another victory in boxing – this time against a mascot

Jake Paul has secured another boxing victory, this time against an even more dubious opponent – the mascot for a basketball team.

The YouTuber-turned boxer shared a video of his latest KO on his Instagram where he joked he’d “Will Smith‘d em”, in reference to the actor’s Oscar night slap of Chris Rock.

Fans at the game, in Texas on Monday, watched on with shock and amusement as Paul laid out the Houston Rockets mascot, ‘Clutch’, for all to see.

Video shows the 25-year-old influencer being approached by the bear-faced mascot, who was already wearing boxing gloves and a robe.

Clutch then appears to challenge Paul to a fight – during the Rockets’ clash with the Minnesota Timberwolves – and he was more than willing to play along.

After the mascot jokingly gestured to initiate a fight, Paul was more than happy to deliver the punchline and the giant teddy bear was eventually dragged off-court “unconscious” as the camera moved in to catch the KO and the reactions from those in the bleachers.

Needless to say, while we don’t think ‘Clutch’ will be pressing charges any time soon, it at least provided basketball fans with some amusement during the break.

Paul may be yet to fight a real boxer in his professional career, but you can’t say he isn’t committed to maintaining his image and drumming up that clout.

Paul is taking a little break from boxing just a few years after he won his first competitive match against fellow YouTuber Ali Eson Gib. That being said, he hopes to return to the ring some time in August for his sixth professional bout.

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