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20th Mar 2022

Jake Paul says $60m offer for Kanye and Pete Davidson fight is not a stunt

Kieran Galpin


He claims to be looking out for the kids

Jake Paul has said that his $60m offer for a Kanye West and Pete Davidson fight was genuine and not a publicity stunt as many people had claimed.

Jake Paul, 25, had previously offered Kanye West and Pete Davidson a chill $60m if they agreed to step into the ring and settle their beef. While neither Davidson nor West replied to the plea, no doubt dealing with more of West’s elaborate stunts, fans were quick to accuse Paul of staging a publicity stunt.

However, in conversation with TMZ, the younger Paul brother said he’s worried about Kim Kardashian and West’s kids, who West claims he isn’t allowed to see.

“I’m kinda sick of them going back and forth on social media and I think its affecting the kids’ lives, like Kanye and Kim’s kids,” He said. “They’re gonna be the ones that take the most trauma from this.”

While West was suspended from Instagram last week, his account is back up now.

West also took aim at The Daily Show‘s Trevor Noah, who had called out West for his behaviour.

The 44-year-old posted images of Noah to his account with the caption: “All in together now… K**n baya my lord k**n baya.” The post was later removed.

In recent months, Ye has accused Kardashian of preventing him from spending time with his children and has also taken issue with her letting their daughter have a TikTok account.

Kardashian recently hit back, responding in the comments of one of Ye’s posts: “Please stop with this narrative, you were just here this morning picking up the kids for school.”

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