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10th May 2022

TV presenter says she was ‘fired’ after making x-rated onesie joke

Charlie Herbert

TV presenter fired for joke

‘This was one of my favourite firings’

A TV presenter has claimed she was ‘fired’ for a controversial joke about turkeys and onesies.

Australian comedian Nikki Osborne was appearing on Channel 9’s Today Extra with co-hosts David Campbell and Sonia Kruger, discussing whether men are bothered by what their partners wear to bed.

As part of the conversation, the hosts mentioned a study that suggested men prefer women in comfy clothing. Campbell noted how this sort of attire can be best to “cuddle” in before asking: “Where can that cuddle lead to?”

Osborne was then asked for her thoughts on the matter.

Her response?

“Well, my husband always says you don’t look at a turkey when you’re stuffing it. So that’s his opinion.”

Cue stunned silence in the studio, before Campbell asks her what she means by that, to which Osborne replies: “I won’t explain it.”

Moving the conversation along, she continues: “But, I’m with you Jackie, I think too many hipsters are being interviewed regarding this because I just don’t think that’s true at all.

“I think most men would prefer women in their lingerie then their jimmy jams or their onesies.

“I mean let’s face it, onesies are a logistical nightmare if you’re trying to enter into a jiggery-pokery because it’s like, ‘Oh, give me five minutes’.”

The co-host then jokes that he’s “not even looking forward to Thanksgiving anymore,” with the other saying: “There goes that turkey sandwich I was going to have for lunch.”

Osborne shared the bizarre clip on Instagram with the caption: “This was one of my favourite firings. #fyp #controversy #turkeystuffing”

She didn’t clarify when the clip was from, and actually said it was “old.” But she did say that she was “fired” by Channel 9.

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