Presenter stops weather report on live TV to call family about tornado warning 3 months ago

Presenter stops weather report on live TV to call family about tornado warning

NBC4's Doug Kammerer applauded for putting his family first

In a surreal TV moment, a weatherman stopped a live report to warn his family of an impending tornado as various US states are battered by storms.


During an NBC4  broadcast on Thursday, chief meteorologist and weatherman Doug Kammerer interrupts his team's report on the conditions to relay the tornado warning to his kids.

In a video of the incident, Kammerer can be heard telling one of his children to "get down there as soon as you can, ok?... Get down there in the bedroom and wait there for like 15 minutes. Do it now, alright? Thanks buddy". The presenter stumbles ever so slightly as he tries to get his words out in a hurry.


The Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland weather correspondent went on to reply to the above clip by saying: "Yes, had to warn my family! Kids were home alone and I knew they were not watching me on TV! They are safe. Thank you! Scary moment for me though, I was freaking out inside a bit."

Kammerer went on to say, "gotta warn my kids because I know what my kids are doing right now: they're probably online gaming and they're not seeing this" and urged people to get weather alerts on their phones like his colleagues in the studio.

As well as people applauding the concerned father for springing into action whilst on the job, one commenter also labelled his reporting as "an absolute master class... on how to do live broadcasting. 45 minutes straight with no hyperbole, useful information, with relatively limited incoming data, used every available resource. Great work."


Storms have been causing havoc up and down states in the south and midwest, with the risk of tornadoes sweeping upwards and hitting Fairfax County, Virginia. High winds and damage to structures have already been reported in Tysons Corner.

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