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25th Oct 2021

Tilly Ramsay given ‘full apology’ after being ‘fat-shamed’ by LBC radio host

Danny Jones

Tilly Ramsay gets full apology

Host Steve Allen was heavily criticised for body shaming the 19-year-old

Tilly Ramsay has reportedly been given an apology by LBC radio host, Steve Allen, after he was heavily criticised for commenting on the fellow presenter and Strictly Come Dancing contestant’s weight.

Allen was quoted as calling her “a chubby little thing” live on-air, suggesting that her dad, Gordon Ramsay, and his cooking might have something to do with it. Ramsay, 19, called him out on Instagram, with many joining in the criticism – but it is now believed Allen has issued a full apology.

As reported in the Daily Star, an insider has revealed that the 67-year-old radio host is thought to have sent a private apology and “wanted to make it clear that he is very sorry to have upset her.”

He went on to add that the apology “was sent privately because he didn’t want it to look like it was done for publicity”, with many having piled on him over the comment made following her performance last week.

On the flip side of the coin, Ramsay herself was praised for the manner in which she dealt with the uncomfortable situation, detailing how she was happy for Allen to come forward and voice his opinions but that she “[drew] the line at commenting on my appearance”.

She was also applauded for pointing out how such comments can be particularly harmful, especially when done in the public eye, reminding others not to body shaming or negatively comment on people’s appearance in such a manner.

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