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22nd Nov 2021

Tiger King star Jeff Johnson dies by suicide

Danny Jones

Tiger King's Jeff Johnson dies from suicide

He is reported to have taken his life in front of a family member

Tiger King star Jeff Johnson has died by suicide aged just 58.

According to TMZ, the former reptile dealer – who appeared in the first series of the Netflix show – reportedly took his own life in front of his wife following an argument in their garage. His children were believed to be in the home at the time.

The incident report obtained by the outlet reads that Johnson, whose wife claims had never suffered from any mental illness or previously attempted suicide, suddenly shot himself “in front of his wife”.

Johnson was one of many talking heads speaking from the perspective of the exotic animal industry who were invited on to the show to discuss Joe Exotic and his zoo.

He is thought to have been friends with both Exotic and another starring character, Jeff Lowe, prior to a falling out which led him to call them “frauds” online.

This is the second death reported amongst members of the show, with zookeeper Erik Cowie dying aged just 53 back in early September. While the cause of his death was initially unknown, New York City Medical Examiner’s office stated his death was acute and chronic alcohol abuse.

Meanwhile, Exotic himself is still in prison, serving a 22-year sentence in Oklahoma. The second series of the hit show recently aired, receiving mixed reviews and the show’s other main protagonist, Carole Baskin, is trying to sue Netflix over it.

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