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19th Nov 2015

This photo of the Chuckle Brothers is utterly obscene …but only if you’ve got a dirty mind

To me, to you...


That’s an interesting cock-tail.

From personal experience we can vouch for Solita restaurant in Manchester. The size and deliciousness of their famous burgers is to die for. However, we’re not exactly licking our lips at their latest offering served up on Twitter.

The eaterie posted a photo of the legendary Chuckle Brothers on Wednesday evening that has put us right off our hotdogs.

It’s innocuous enough – Barry and Paul enjoying a drink with a young woman. Everything seems innocent enough…unless your mind is as warped as ours.

We won’t spell it out, but something extremely unsavoury seems to be sprouting out of the woman’s glass – and we don’t mean a straw. Barry’s cheeky expression doesn’t help either…

You very quickly realise it’s simply her right arm, but once you’ve seen what you think you’ve seen, ‘To me to you’ takes on a very unpleasant taste.