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06th Feb 2018

Holly Willoughby makes ‘dirty’ slip up live on This Morning for second day running

James Dawson

He blurted out ‘d*ck’ yesterday, today she got in on the act.

Phillip Schofield ended up walking off This Morning, after his co-presenter Holly Willoughby got her words muddled up live on air.

It came as they were sharing pictures with viewers of animals camouflaging themselves.

In one image a dog was hiding among dog statues in a garden centre, leading to confusion of where it was.

Holly said: “Front bottom”.

The phrase set Phil off and he struggled to read out his lines as he couldn’t control his giggles.

Their laughing got worse, with Holly saying: “I’m so sorry everyone – we’re stopping now.”

It come after yesterday, when Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby wound up in hysterics after Phil accidentally dropped a dirty word.

The blunder came as he was trying to introduce an upcoming interview with Fifty Shades of Grey actor Rita Ora.

However, instead of inviting viewers to ‘get their duct tape out’, he said ‘get ready to dick out’.

He then corrected himself, only for Holly to reply: “I think I preferred it the first time.”

She then added: “Don’t be saying that in front of Rita.”