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04th Jan 2018

Things got a little heated in the Celebrity Big Brother house last night

This conversation caused a bit of tension...

Orlaith Condon

The conversation caused a bit of tension.

After the madness of the launch episode on Tuesday night, this year’s Celebrity Big Brother housemates all began to settle into their new home on Wednesday night.

Yes, the all-female cast decided to get to know each other a little better last night, however, there was one topic in particular that caused a bit of disagreement.

While playing Never Have I Ever, the housemates began to reveal who among them had posed naked in the past.

Ex On The Beach star Jess Impiazzi proudly revealed she had posed nude for her calendar before, saying:

“I think, I work hard at the gym, why not?”

That then prompted Rachel Johnson to share that she too had posed naked for a magazine shoot after her publisher and husband told her she couldn’t.

“I did it on my 4oth birthday and it was quite fun.”

Former Coronation Street star, Amanda Barrie, even said that one of her all-time biggest regrets in life was not posing for Playboy when she had the chance.

“I was asked to do the centrefold of Playboy and I was too embarrassed.

“And it’s one of the few things in my life that I regret.”

The conversations sparked some debate among the housemates, especially with Ann Widdecombe who questioned why her housemates thought posing nude was ‘celebrating women’.

Ann’s criticism was quickly shut down by Made In Chelsea star Ashley James who asked the politician why women should have to justify their decision to show off their bodies.

“Why do we have to justify it, if it makes you feel good?”

Ann also found herself in the middle of another argument with India Willoughby when it came to picking a bed to sleep in. The pair came to a head when Ann believed the beds were assigned and that her housemates her going against the rules.