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30th Jun 2017

There’s a major change to Love Island and people aren’t happy

There's serious privacy issues

Cathy Donohue

This won’t go down well, at all.

Love Island is the reality TV show that’s proven very popular this season and the multiple twists have viewers obsessed with what will happen next.

On Wednesday, we heard there will be a second villa as eleven more people, including Dublin gal Shannen, are set to join the show but now, there’s another change in store.

The new house includes four bedrooms and roof terraces for all that lounging in the sun, but it’s missing one key detail.

It seems that the second villa is minus a hideaway, where the couples usually go to enjoy some “alone time”.

A source told The Mirror:

“There are five double beds in the new villa – one for each of the boys and whichever of the girls they end up sharing with.

“There’s no Hideaway as such, but there are private areas that the boys joked could be the ‘new Hideaway’, including a swing bed in the garden”.

This new villa will house the boys, Marcel, Chris, Kem, Jonny and Dom and five new female housemates.

The clip below shows a sneak peek of the moment the boys find out their new living situation.