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08th Jul 2017

There was a Jersey Shore reunion and it’s tan-tastic



We don’t know if we’re excited or absolutely terrified.

It’s been 8 years (what!?) since the carnage that was Jersey Shore hit our screens. Cast members from the hit MTV show have been spotted with camera crews in Point Pleasant Beach and Asbury Park in New Jersey… and that can only mean one thing, a reunion show is DEFINITELY in the works.

Toby Wolf, the director of marketing for Jenkinson’s Boardwalk, told the Asbury Park Press that the cast had a “low-key dinner” at Jenkinson’s Pavilion Restaurant and played games on the boardwalk after they filmed.

So of course, the first thing we did was scramble over to social media to see whether any of the original crew are posting about it.

Female cast member Deena Nicole Cortese took to her Instagram account to share this picture:

Yes, there they are in all their glory… J-Wow, Deena, Snooki and Sammi Sweetheart! We haven’t seen the boys yet, but we’re excited to see what’s in store.

Here’s hoping it’s good old fashion mayhem.