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16th Nov 2021

The worst GTA glitches that prove the remaster should never have been released

Danny Jones

The funniest GTA glitches

If you don’t laugh you’ll cry

Rockstar has been pretty good at repaying fans when it comes to the faith they put into its projects and the support for titles long after release. However, it’s fair to say that the launch of GTA: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition has put a dent in that faith.

It seems that what the developers have delivered is a buggy mess that clearly wasn’t ready and, as such, is producing a catalogue of technical cock-ups on a level close to Cyperbunk 2077 – and that’s saying something.

It’s been so bad in fact that it has become the lowest scored game of 2021. But how bad? Well, here’s some of the worst (best) GTA glitches we’ve seen so far. Let’s start with a hilarious double-header – ‘double’ and ‘head’ being beyond the operative phrases here:

Somebody superimposed Kanye onto that second one and we haven’t stopped wheezing since.

The remaster of the iconic series excited an entire generation of gamers and more, with those who played them on their original consoles back in the day just as stoked as those who were too young and never got the chance. Instead, they got this:

Annoying but not unheard of.Β What’s next?

It was never going to be perfect – the originals weren’t either and games rarely do arrive spotless these days (if they ever did) – but given people are paying good money on vastly better consoles the best part of 20 years later, some of these are ridiculous:

Anything to do with cars and the AI in GTA is going be carnage, let’s face it:

Even the guy in charge of the cutscenes said “nope”.

At least the majority of them are undeniably hilarious and akin to the quirks we grew to love about games like Skyrim, Battlefield and even GTA IV, to be fair.

It was the stunt bonus that killed us. Anyone fancy a trip on the ambulance rollercoaster?

Honestly though, if this is what a ‘remaster’ built for next-gen consoles, costing over Β£50 was supposed to look like then we’ve all truly been hustled:

Meanwhile, some of the most obstructive GTA glitches are making it so that you can’t even get past certain missions. Watch as this poor bloke attempts to get past ‘Checkpoint Charlie’ for the umpteenth time:


Can someone turn down the rain, please?

Seriously, we could go on forever and we just might:

At least these folks are taking it on the chin. ‘It’s a feature’ is our favourite kind of acceptance in the seven stages of gamer grief.

It’s usually the NPCs that are on the receiving end of this bullsh*t:

Ok, we’re going to stop because there genuinely isn’t enough hours in the day and we have to do some form of real work today.

Plus, one bloke put together a compilation for all of you to enjoy anyway. He even entitled ‘GTA: DE (Cyberpunk Edition)’. TouchΓ©, my friend – well played indeed.

Hang on, he even did a part two if you want to keep going. Yes, there’s that many, it already has a part two within five days of its release. Unreal level of prank from Rockstar this.

Quite seriously though, GTA glitches are one thing and they are by no means new – some can be endured and joked about, other less so – but when a game is this broken, surely there is going to be some backlash?

Evidently, it looks like there already has, as not only is it being review-bombed but players are also asking for refunds en masse. Oh deary me, shall we all just go back to GTA V and Red DeadΒ like we have been for the past few years anyway?

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