GTA Trilogy has beaten eFootball as the lowest-rated game of 2021 6 months ago

GTA Trilogy has beaten eFootball as the lowest-rated game of 2021

Rockstar turns tone-deaf

Despite being comprised of three highly-rated instalments, the remastered GTA Trilogy has been rated lower than the car crash game known as eFootball.


Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive edition was released last week, and despite an initial buzz, the game has positively flopped. The long-awaited collection, including GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas, was reportedly littered with bugs and malfunctions only comparable to the abysmal initial release of CyberPunk 2077.

Expecting to shoot hookers and drift around corners while experiencing some next level nostalgia, gamers were understandably frustrated with the release. Rockstar Games has since seen an influx of refund requests, while reviews on sites like Metacritic aren't exactly stellar.

The PC version of the game, which was reportedly completely unplayable for the entire weekend, saw an average score of 0.5 with the 2786 ratings it had received.


"This is it! This is the end of Rockstar, this is just too much," one review begins.

The critic's ode to a Rockstar since passed continued for over 200 words.

"They were the top. They were the best there ever was. They showed other developers what can be done. I just cant believe that the end of Rockstar would be like this."

Konami's horrific PES reboot eFootball received just 128 reviews, but even their average score was 0.8.


For shame Rockstar, for shame:


Imagine if they had just scrapped the remaster and focused on GTA 6:


This review cuts to the chase:

Though you could spend your entire day scrolling through the reviews, a lot of them are pretty unanimous in saying the game is utter s**t.

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