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15th Nov 2018

The trailer for the new Dumbo film is… disturbing

Kyle Picknell

Why does Colin Farrell only have one arm?

The trailer for Tim Burton’s live-action Dumbo film is here, and, as expected, it is… well, how do I put this?

Weird as fuck.

Yeah, yeah that’s it. That about sums it up. Does it make you want to see Tim Burton’s Dumbo?

No, to be honest. Not at all.

Here are some things you will notice:

  • Only Tim Burton would have the gall to do this, for a remake of a Disney classic:

  • Only Tim Burton would transform the eternally cute Dumbo into this disturbing creature:

  • Oh no, wait. Sorry. That’s Danny DeVito. Hold on. This disturbing creature:

  • And here’s Danny DeVito!

  • And one-armed Colin Farrell!

  • Two-armed Colin Farrell! And Danny DeVito!

Should you still want to watch the trailer and be sure yourself this is one film to avoid, here is the full trailer:

Still want to watch it?

You really didn’t learn anything from Tim Burton’s Planet of the Apes, did you?