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06th Nov 2018

The Rock has created a new gameshow and it looks absolutely bananas

It's like The Rock, but in gameshow format

Rich Cooper

“I wanted to create the most epic and insane athletic competition ever devised.”

So sayeth Dwanye Johnson, AKA The Rock, AKA the biggest man with the biggest bigness in the history of big. If you look up the word ‘big’ in the dictionary, you’ll discover that there is no dictionary because The Rock has People’s Elbowed it into smithereens.

With big arms come big ideas, and Dwayne is the kind of guy who dump tackles big ideas into reality. The latest of these big ideas is… well, it’s not small.

The Titan Games is a physical game show in the same vein as Gladiators that sees competitors pit against each other to complete monumental challenges, all of which are, according to The Rock, “inspired by the workouts that fuel me, the struggles I’ve experienced, and the disciplines I believe in.”

Check out the trailer below.

Anyone with an Instagram account will certainly have seen the kind of gruelling workouts that our friend Dwayne puts himself through: lifting heavy things, pushing heavy things, fighting heavy things, eating heavy things, digesting heavy things, crapping heavy things. Heavy things are The Rock’s bread and butter pudding.

On The Titan Games, contestants will have to take on Herculean feats that include but are not limited to: smashing wrecking balls with hammers, a kind of pole-based tug of war, any number of ‘push the heavy thing’ challenges, and what appears to be a giant version of KerPlunk.

The whole thing culminates in the competitors tackling Mount Olympus, “the final challenge that you have to conquer to become a Titan,” that consists of “seven gruelling challenges” that sees the combatants go up the mountain… and come back down again.

Being a US gameshow, there will no doubt be plenty of sob stories to keep you emotionally invested too. Dead cats, and so forth. “Join me,” asks The Rock. “A revolution is coming.”

The first 10-episode series is due to premiere in the US in January 2019, but given Dwayne’s worldwide appeal and the insatiable public thirst for strong people doing strong things, we wouldn’t be surprised if it finds its way to UK telly before long.


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