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24th Oct 2016

The internet reckons it has worked out the entire Game of Thrones season seven plot

They've gone into so much detail on this...

Matt Tate

As as obligatory with any Game of Thrones-related article, be warned that:


No, we’re really serious about this one:


One more time in case you somehow didn’t look at either of the above with your eyes:got-spoilers1

That’s a hat-trick of Melisandre warnings right there. Usually they apply to anyone who hasn’t caught up with the rest of the world with regards to goings-on in the planet’s biggest TV show, but here the Red Woman is speaking to every single one of you.

Why? Because the internet reckons it has already leaked the entire plot of next year’s Season Seven.

Still with us? Why on earth are you still with us, you weirdos? Do you enjoy spoiling things for yourselves?

Alright fine. The supposed plot can be found in the Free Folk subreddit, which was a pretty accurate resource for Season Six spoilers. Obviously, it’s all totally unconfirmed guesswork that could easily turn out to be a load of rubbish come next Spring, but you can, if you so wish, read an episode-by-episode breakdown based on set photos and footage leaks that have emerged so far.

They even reckon they’ve worked out how the series will end. Like most of the commenters, we’re tempted to believe the theories are way off the mark, but you can make up your own minds on that here.

One person who’s definitely not happy with the speculation is Nathalie Emmanuel, who plays Missandei in GoT. She tweeted her annoyance that people seem so intent on ruining the surprise.

Earlier this week (SPOILERS AHEAD) a photo surfaced of what looks very much like two rather significant characters having a chinwag by the sea, and actor Joe Dempsie – who played Gendry in seasons one to three – was last month spotted in Belfast airport (much of the filming is for the show takes place near the Northern Irish city), which many took to mean he’d be returning next year.

Want to go into Season Seven blissfully unaware of what’s to come? Get used to hastily covering your eyes. Winter’s coming and no doubt so are plenty more spoilers.

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