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14th Apr 2017

The Coming to America sequel has taken a massive step forward

Paul Moore

“Just let your Soul Glow!”

If you had to choose your favourite Eddie Murphy comedy, what would it be?

We’ve already paid tribute to the iconic Trading Places but Coming to America, the wonderful fish out of water tale about a prince that visits New York in search of love, is just as beloved.

The comedy is absolutely packed with memorable characters and quotable dialogue.

Who can forget Randy Watson and his iconic band, Sexual Chocolate, or the group of old men (mostly played by Eddie Murphy) in the barbershop that talked about sports, politics and everything else that they could think of.

We’ll never forget the fact that Joe Lewis was actually 137, according to Frank Sinatra.

Well, if you desperately want to catch up with Prince Akeem and his best friend Semmi,  Paramount Pictures have some very good news for you because they’ve just hired the screenwriters of the original 1988 comedy, Barry Blaustein and David Sheffield, to pen a potential sequel.

The project is in the early stages of development but just last month, Murphy’s verified Twitter account raised the notion of a Coming to America sequel with this hastily deleted tweet.

Given the fact that Murphy’s older brother, Charlie Murphy, sadly passed away this week, it’s unclear what his future schedule might look like but we would be very happy to see him reprise one of his best roles.