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27th Jan 2017

The Beast from The Chase explains why he turned down I’m a Celebrity

This is why we won't be seeing him on Big Brother or similar shows any time soon

Megan Roantree

We won’t be seeing him on Big Brother anytime soon then either.

Mark Labbette AKA the Beast may be a regular on TV but there are certain shows he won’t do.

The highly-knowledgeable 51-year-old is a regular on quiz show The Chase but he’s been rumored to do several other shows off the back of that.

Rumours surfaced about Labbette featuring on both I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here and Celebrity Big Brother. To our disappointment, however, he’s failed to show up on either of them.

He has now explained one thing that is stopping him from doing these types of shows, particularly I’m a Celeb.

“I’ve been asked to do the jungle but the base calorie intake is about 700 calories. Look at me,” Labbette said according to the Mirror, who reports he weighs 27 stone.

“If I survived a week in there I’d probably drop three stone and cannibalism would maybe on the cards,” he added.

He also adds that his weight may even be part of his The Chase character by now, or the producers at least seem to think so.

“Does The Chase need me big? Put it this way, whenever I start losing weight because I’m doing a fitness kick or whatever, the producers go past me and hand me a second portion of pudding,” he said.

“Unfortunately this is my weakness. Drink, drugs, none of all that, but I can say no to food once, put it in front of me a second time and I’m like, ‘Oh go on then!”