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23rd Aug 2023

The 1% Club viewers can’t get their head around baffling question

Charlie Herbert

The 1% Club viewers can't get their head around baffling question

‘This question threw my hangover into overdrive’

The 1% Club viewers were left baffled by a question on the show, with some not understanding the answer even when it was given to them.

Some of us love nothing more than shouting the answer to quiz show questions, perhaps as a way to prove to ourselves that the random knowledge in our heads is of some use.

But this feels like one that many of you will have shouted out thinking you know it straight away, only to have a load of egg on your face when the answer is revealed.

The 1% Club works like this – 100 members of the public put their common sense, logic and intelligence to the test. If a contestant can correctly answer a question that just one percent of the nation got right, they win a share of up to £100,000.

This question was correctly answered by 10 percent of people, so it perhaps makes sense that a lot of viewers were baffled by it.

Reading out the question, host Lee Mack said: “A bat and a ball cost £1.10 in total. The bat costs £1 more than the ball. How much does the ball cost?”

I imagine a lot of you will have immediately though “10p.” Well, hold your horses.

The answer is actually that the ball costs 5p, because the bat costs £1.05.

Two people on the show got the answer wrong and were knocked out.

When the question was shared in a clip on TikTok, many were left confused.

One wrote: “I’ve seen the answer and it still doesn’t make sense to me.”

Another said: “It’s 10p I don’t care what anyone says.”

A third commented: “Why can’t I wrap my brain around it not being 10p.”

And someone else went as far to say that the question “threw my hangover into overdrive.”

Trying to explain the answer to those confused, one person said: “Basically the bat is 1.05. and the ball is 5p for people who don’t get it it’s 5p add a £1 = price of bat.”

This question is actually a pretty well-known one to try and establish your IQ.

It features alongside two other brain teasers in the ‘world’s shortest IQ test’, which can establish if you’re smarter than 80 percent of humanity.

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