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08th Jun 2024

Love Island fans beg show to intervene as Harriett starts screaming and sobbing

Ryan Price

Only a few days in and it’s already kicking off in the villa.

Love Island viewers were urging producers to step in during last night’s show as Harriett broke down in tears and seemed to really be struggling.

The much-loved ITV2 show returned for it’s eleventh season on Monday night, and things are already heating up less than a week in.

The first major bombshell came in the form of a surprise celebrity inclusion, as former TOWIE star Joey Essex arrived into the villa, bringing with him a new buzzcut look.

Joey has already been creating tension in the villa as, last night, he revealed to Harriett something Ciaran had told him in confidence about her and Nicole.

The secret was that Nicole was actually Ciaran’s first choice partner, despite the fact that he’d spent the night before having a snog with Harriett in bed.

Of course, Harriett became upset very quickly and pulled Ciaran for a chat, hoping to get to the bottom of the rumours. Emotions escalated almost immediately.

“The first thing you should have done after you made everyone aware of how you were feeling was grab me and pull me straight away but you didn’t,” Harriett argued.

Breaking down in tears, the 24-year-old from Brighton, continued: “You literally made me feel ‘this small’ like I can’t. Why did you do that, why?

“I just can’t. I don’t want to ever speak to you again. Don’t talk to me I’m not being treated like that by a 21 year old. Any boy would be lucky to have me.”

Harriett had tears flooding down her face at this point and seemed to be really worked up by the confrontation.

Viewers took to social media to express concern over her state. One person on Twitter wrote: “Somebody make sure to check on harriet after this.”

Another posted: “All jokes aside, has ITV done a well being check on Harriet? Because the way she keeps crying ok ver the littlest of things is concerning. It’s only been a few days and she doesn’t seem to be having fun.”

Other people were more disturbed by Joey Essex’s sinister nature, as he looked on from afar at the situation he had brought about.

Other viewers have speculated that the reason Joey stirred the pot was because he secretly wants Harriett, and had intentions of getting Ciaran out of the picture.

One X user said: “Joey wants 100% graft from Harriet.”

Another tweeted: “Joey just say you want Harriet alreadyyy.”

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