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29th Nov 2023

Brits fuming as Mrs Brown’s Boys returns for two Christmas specials

Joseph Loftus

The temperature is dropping, the Christmas lights are going up, and the 25th is getting closer and closer

Oh it’s certainly beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Just a few more weeks to go until the big day. Christmas films are on the telly, Christmas dos are coming up, everyone is well and truly getting in the mood.

Yesterday (November 28), the BBC dropped their festive schedule and while many are overjoyed by some of their choices, some others are leaving people wriggling in angst beneath the Christmas tree.

The one decision that’s got most people screaming in existential silence is the BBC’s choice to air not one, but two, Mrs Brown’s Boys Christmas specials this year.

The birth-child of Irish legend, Brendan O’Carroll, and starring his entire family, Mrs Brown’s Boys is, whether you like it or not, a smash hit year in year out, but it’s certainly the show that everyone loves to hate.

It’s certainly no surprise that the show is coming back for two Christmas specials this year “as Mammy tries to enjoy a nice, peaceful Christmas before the whole gang start the New Year by attempting a tough new health and fitness regime.”

But people really aren’t happy about it.

Taking to X following the news, one furious hater wrote: “I’m not surprised the BBC are still peddling this sh*t. Mrs Browns F***ing Boys Christmas Day… ffs.”

Another wrote: “I cannot imagine who will want to watch the dire rubbish they put out. Mrs Browns Boys is just revolting on every level, I agree.”

A third commented: “Please stop. We’ve suffered enough.”

Will you be watching?

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