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01st Jul 2022

Alison Hammond has Dermot O’Leary in hysterics after apologising for ‘all that juice bouncing around’ during hot lap

April Curtin

She was racing with a F1 driver at Silverstone when the incident happened

Alison Hammond had This Morning co-host Dermot O’Leary in stitches after watching her “juice moving around” in a racing car.

The presenter, 47, was in the passenger seat next to Australian F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo at Silverstone when her wardrobe malfunction took place.

Ricciardo sped around the track at super fast speed – leaving Hammond screaming and holding onto the window for dear life.

Though, as the video revealed, she probably should’ve been holding onto something else.

O’Leary was left in bits when the clip was played on This Morning on Friday.

“I could watch that again and again and again and again,” he said.

Hammond was equally amused, asking: “Did you see all the juice moving around?”

The producers then proceeded to play her racing-car wardrobe malfunction again for viewers – this time in slow motion.

Dermot was naturally left speechless after watching this – all he could do was put his head on the table in an attempt to control his laughter.

“Look at all the juice this is terrible,” Hammond said, “I should have put my sports bra on. I should have put my sports Formula One bra on.”

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