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19th Feb 2018

Sylvester Stallone subject to sick death hoax following huge update on Creed 2 film

James Dawson

Trolls have made the disgusting claims about the elocky actor.

So here we are again, a rumour is once more sweeping the internet that Sylvester Stallone is dead. It comes 18 months after the first time.

The return of the hoax seems to have been initiated by the release of the new poster for his upcoming film Creed 2 yesterday.

Creed 2 is due out in US cinemas in November of this year and the actor / director shared an image of the promotional material to his Instagram yesterday:

Following the announcement, RIP messages began to circulate online and some people began claiming Stallone  had died from prostate cancer. The rumours are believed to have began on Facebook.

This lead to mass confusion on social media:

In case you’re wonder: no, he isn’t dead.