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22nd Oct 2017

Sunday Brunch guest has perfect “I didn’t do it” reaction when she’s caught destroying the set

You've been spotted.

Wil Jones


Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch is filmed live on a Sunday morning. Obviously, it’s designed for you stare at blearily-eyed, because it’s a Sunday morning, and you shouldn’t really be doing anything on a Sunday morning apart from watching bad TV and/or sleeping. Lionel Richie even wrote a whole song about it.

So we can understand where British singer Anne-Marie is at. Instead of making the most of her Sunday morning, she’s had to go on live TV to promote her new single ‘Hunger’.

During one of the show’s cooking segments, she was in-shot but at the edge of the screen. And somehow, she managed to knock over some bottles. Figuring she wasn’t the focus of the bit, she tried to style it out.


But of course, people on Twitter spotted it.