Stranger Things fans think Will Byers is evil ahead of season 4 part 2 1 month ago

Stranger Things fans think Will Byers is evil ahead of season 4 part 2

The haircut is evil enough to be fair

A new Stranger Things fan theory suggests that Will Byers, played by Noah Schnapp, may actually be a villain in league with Vecna.


Stranger Things season 4 volume 1 hit Netflix at the start of June, with the final two film-length episodes due to stream on July 1. Since the introduction of Jamie Campbell Bower's Vecna, fans have speculated that he could be in league with Will.

Will spent the entirety of season 1 in the Upside Down before being possessed by the Mind Flayer for much of season 2. Even in seasons 3 and 4, Will is still very much feeling the effects of his traumatic experience.


This has led TikTok creator Jaden Bricker to one conclusion, Will is evil.

"If we go back and look at season one, we see that Joyce refers to Will as a 'sensitive' child," he said. "You know who else is referred to as a sensitive child? Henry Creel (001/Vecna) by his own mother as well."

The parallels between Will and Vecna are definitely clear, perhaps intentional, and have been pointed out across the internet.

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Bricker continued: "There has to be a reason that Will was kept alive when he was in the Upside Down for so long. He was the perfect host.

"As we know, the Mind Flayer is made up of inter-dimensional particles. Essentially, these particles can detach from the greater body that is the shadow monster. The Mind Flayer, the 'hive mind' and infect people, as we saw with Will in season two."

"I don't think it would be farfetched to say that, based on the amount of time Will spent in the Upside Down, he would start to become corrupt as well," he reasoned.


Bricker continued explaining that Vecna kept Will alive because he saw much of himself in him. Such a theory would explain how Will lasted an entire season in the Upside Down while poor Barb lasted minutes.

But it doesn't stop there, and the TikToker argues that the Mind Flayer always wanted Will to escape in season 2. That way, the hive mind could escape with him. The dimensional squid monster may be playing the long game.

Volume 2 is just a week away, so only time will tell.


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