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16th Jun 2022

Stranger Things releases ‘creepy’ video showing Jamie Campbell Bower turning into Vecna

Kieran Galpin

Stranger Things releases 'creepy' video showing Jamie Campbell Bower turning into Vecna

It’s quite the transformation

Stranger Things and Netflix have released a “creepy” video showing Jamie Campbell Bower’s full prosthetic transformation into Vecna.

Stranger Things has dominated the social conversation in recent weeks, with fan theories and general love for Kate Bush vibrating through social media. Before the final episodes air in July, which will be film-length, the Stranger Things Instagram released a video from behind the scenes.

You see, the veiny monstrous demon Vecna is actually played by Jamie Campbell Bower, who is far from a grotesque monster. In a rare sneak peeks, the showrunners showed fans how Bower goes from Disney Prince to the monstrous baddie.

Showrunner brothers Matt and Ross Duffer were committed to era-accurate depictions and so opted for prosthesis and not CGI. It seems to have paid off.

The full suit takes between six and seven hours to assemble, even by the hands of the legendary prosthetics master Barrie Gower, who also worked on Game of Thrones.

Bower can be seen leisurely scrolling through his phone, drinking a cuppa like a good Brit, and waiting for the process to wrap up.

“Can’t talk rn, i’m becoming vecna,” they wrote in the caption.

The post has been viewed over 9 million times, with thousands of comments largely discussing the “impressive suit” or “beautiful Jamie.”

“When he’s on the phone or drinking coffee .. new meme template I’m telling y’all,” wrote one fan, while another said, “I’m so ready for volume 2, i mean who’s not??”

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