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15th Jun 2018

Stephanie McMahon went on Undercover Boss in a completely unrecognisable disguise

Wil Jones

Remember Undercover Boss?

It was the Channel 4 show where the owner of a big company would pretend to be a regular joe and take an entry level position at their own company, in order to see what the realities of the front line were actually like.

Like, some top guy from Costa Coffee would go and be a barista, or the CEO of Nandos would work the grill. And then at the end, they’d reward all the hardworking people who normally don’t get any love.

Well, imagine if WWE did this? No, really, that has actually happened.

On the US version of the show, Stephanie McMahon – daughter of Vince, wife of Triple H and chief brand officer of WWE, went undercover as “Samantha Miles”. She adopted a southern accent, and put on a blonde wig – would you have recognised her?

According to a preview on Mercury News, “McMahon’s journey starts in search of possible new talent for the WWE roster and ends up making dreams come true for a charity-minded young WWE fan.”

Here is Stephanie in her day job, getting put in an arm bar by Ronda Rousey.

The show airs on Friday night on CBS in the US.