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10th Feb 2023

South Park premieres new season with ruthless episode destroying Kanye West

Steve Hopkins

‘I literally can’t breath I’m laughing so hard’

South Park couldn’t have chosen an easier, or better, target for the first episode of the latest season.

You guessed it, the artist formerly known as Kanye West. Ye.

The disgraced rapped gets roasted in Matt Stone’s Valentine’s Day-themed episode, with an endless stream of arrows being fired his way during, ‘Cupid Ye’, parodying the year Ye undid a lifetime of work and earnings.

In the ep, which debuted on Comedy Central on Wednesday, Cartman’s ‘Cupid Me’ character morphs into the twisted ‘Cupid Ye’, a cherub who shoots hearts filled with antisemitism instead of love at his targets.

The episode later twists to Cartman’s jealousy over Kyle and Tolkien’s newfound friendship.

Cartman then confronts Tolkien, who is a Christian, asking him if he really wants to hang out with Kyle, a Jew, “given all the new information lately”.

Cartman goes on to tell Tolkien: “You know, the stuff that’s come out about how the Jews stole the Black race’s identity? That the lost tribes of Judah were actually all Africans? You didn’t hear about this? Black people are actually the Jews and people like Kyle have taken that from them?”

When Tolkien begs Cartman to stop, the 10-year-old claims the Jews lied about the persecution they faced in World War Two and how when they escaped to the US they had to “invent a story for themselves which they could make everyone believe because Kyle runs Hollywood!”.

Later in the episode, Cartman even gives interviews donning the same racing jacket, black mask and matching gloves that Ye wore during his Infowars appearance where he said he “loves Hitler”.

Southpark fans loved the episode, with one person saying “I literally can’t breath I’m laughing so hard”.

The next episode of South Park is scheduled for February 19.

Ye has largely stayed out of the headlines in the new year, since getting married in secret to Yeezy architect Bianca Censori. Tho, reports emerged this week about his abandoned $2m LA mansion and has the rapper’s lawyers had finally caught up with him to drop him as a client.

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