Sounds like Clarkson and co are going to be swearing *a lot* in The Grand Tour 5 years ago

Sounds like Clarkson and co are going to be swearing *a lot* in The Grand Tour

It seems as though The Grand Tour is going to be chock-full of sweary fucking goodness.

Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond's new Amazon Prime show is expected to arrive on the streaming service in the next few months, and it look like the rebellious trio have been freed of the shackles that prevented them from dropping expletives left, right and centre when on the BBC with Top Gear. 


They always skirted the lines of acceptability with the un-PC tone of the Beeb's once-flagship motoring programme, but the use of rude words had to be kept to a minimum if they weren't being bleeped out.

No more.

On Amazon Prime they can do and say whatever they like - something that Clarkson will no doubt revel in.


The Radio Times have been shown a snippet of The Grand Tour at the Edinburgh Television Festival, and confirmed that it looks like the 'biggest, brashest, loudest, most extreme version of Top Gear imaginable'.

"At least in this preview the boys’ swearing is no longer bleeped, topless Namibians dance around Hammond’s car, and it culminates in a Hollywood style car chase with what look like real guns. We’re guessing they’re not – just think of Amazon’s insurance rates – but it’s quite an image."


It sounds like they were pretty blown away by the way the whole thing looks, too. This new project may be Stig-less and lacking in some of the features that Top Gear fans know and love, but it sounds like Amazon are pulling out all the stops to ensure their show gains the same religious following.

"Wilman whinged about Amazon’s ridiculous tech requirements – 4K, high frame rate, HDR – but the effect is startling. Always adventurous in style, The Grand Tour borders on breathtaking. The footage started slow – aerial shots of landscapes around the world, quiet birds in circled flight – but built to a thunderous crescendo. Riding the nose of a Maserati as it swept over a castle’s drawbridge is one of the most exciting pieces of film I’ve seen in the last year."


Roll on the Autumn, then.

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