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27th Jun 2018

Six key moments you might’ve missed on last night’s Love Island

Wes aged a further 50 years after breaking up with Laura, bringing his total age up to 105

Ciara Knight

Day 20.

Finally, some dramatics have entered the villa!

Last night’s episode was a massive failure in terms of being able to pick out obscure and dumb things to write about, but it was a huge triumph for lovers of drama everywhere.

Everyone broke up, basically. A few people kissed each other during a task that was blatantly designed to drum up some tension, but most importantly, Dani and Jack are doing okay.

Here’s six key moments you might’ve missed.

1. Eyal legitimately said to Megan “You’re not exactly Jim Carey”

As Megan was trying to break up with Eyal, she brought up the appalling suggestion that he wanted them to have more fun together. Both were insisting that they were actually very fun, despite being the most boring people alive. After going around in circles, Eyal unleashed The Most Devastating Blow Of Love Island 2018 So Far by telling Megan that she’s “Not exactly Jim Carey”. Now there’s a lot to unpack here. Mostly that Eyal considers Jim Carey to be the most fun person alive and also how it insinuates that he wants to date Jim Carey. Please spare a thought for the Love Island producers who have spent all morning on the phone to JC’s people in Hollywood to see if he’ll make an appearance in the villa. You’re the real MVPs.

2. Wes has set a new fashion trend, and that trend is called Shorts & Sheux

We’ve seen Jeans & Sheux, many of us have even dabbled in it for comic effect, but it is with a heavy heart I must announce that Jeans & Sheux is over. It’s done. It has been cancelled. Taking its place is the summer version, aptly named Shorts & Sheux. Wes debuted the look on last night’s show and somehow managed to woo Megan with his bold fashion choice. What he’s done is he has teamed a pair of shorts with a pair of smart shoes. It has never been done before. We contacted Karl Lagerfeld for a comment and he simply replied with “Jesus”. Congratulations on your invention, Wes. Keep crushing it, bro.

3. Samira pied Wes because he’s been telling her how to make her omelettes correctly, LIKE A MONSTER

In some new information that hasn’t been presented to the court before now, it emerged that Wesley has been telling Samira how to make her omelettes. This is a strict breach of Love Island protocol whereby participants must restrain themselves when considering offering up omelette-preparation advice. Wes knows that he’s jeopardising his future in the villa every time he does it, but he is a licensed omelette technician in the real world, so truly cannot help himself. Luckily, justice prevailed last night as Samira gave him a face full of cream. Hopefully Samira can make omelettes without his intervention going forward.

4. The islanders revealed themselves to be a big steaming pack of litter louts

Look at those animals. Sprawled across the lawn, water bottles, shoes, cups, various body parts and suncream bottles strewn about the place. Would they do this at home? Doesn’t matter, they’re not at home. They are guests in that magnificent villa and are treating it like a dump. No wonder they can’t hold down a steady relationship. Hygiene and tidiness are important traits that play a key role in finding someone to share your time with. None of these animals deserve love. Not a single one. Not even Samira.

5. Sam dressed as your Nan’s carpet for the evening

Still eager to impress Samira, Sam made the drastic decision to dress exactly like your Nan’s carpet for the night. Assumedly, he visited his grandparents before entering the villa. He explained how he wasn’t sure if he’d have enough clothes to get him through the full eight weeks, at which point Nana disappeared into the back room for a while. Minutes later she returned with the above shirt, much to Sam’s delight. Sam couldn’t figure out how she’d made it in such a short space of time, until he noticed a shirt-sized cutout missing from the back room carpet. Thanks Nan!

6. Wes and Megan looked thoroughly satisfied with their respective decisions at the end of the night

After both breaking up with their respective other halves to give each other a chance, Megan and Wes appeared to be thrilled with their decisions. Megan smiled the entire time as she was eavesdropping on Wes and Laura’s heated breakup argument, but that smile soon faded once Laura called her an expletive that shan’t be repeated here today. Wes then took a well-needed seat after his already seated and looked like the after photo of an army man that’s just returned from war. Wounded, but determined to carry on, he will adapt and overcome this hardship. He appears to have aged 50 years since his interaction with Laura, bringing it to a total of 105.

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