Homer sends Lisa his bush GIF in latest episode of The Simpsons 1 year ago

Homer sends Lisa his bush GIF in latest episode of The Simpsons

It's no secret that The Simpsons has gotten drastically worse over the years

The Simpsons went from being one of the best television shows of all time to one that fans of the early seasons can't bear to watch.

There are occasional moments of humour here and there, but they are few and far between. And a recent episode in the latest season of the show demonstrated the enormous gulf between the halcyon days of the show and where it is right now.

In the episode, Homer is texting Lisa on his phone, and foolishly says: "Lisa, I can't find my phone!", Lisa replies: "You're texting me on it", which is when Homer replies using the popular GIF that shows Homer drifting back into the bushes in the Flanders' garden.

The GIF, from the incredibly good season five episode 'Homer Loves Flanders', is widely used online and tends to depict people hiding after saying or doing something embarrassing.


The joke has been well-received by some who are clearly fond of a bit of meta humour, but for others, the irony is not lost on them that The Simpsons is now so bereft of humour that it is forced to essentially say "ha, remember when we were good? Yeah?"

It's a bit sad.