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Well, that was a dramatic episode, wasn't it?

Obviously this contains spoilers for the latest episode of Game of Thrones.

In all the drama at the end, it is easy to forget about some of the finer details of the episode, especially when you're outraged that Reek, broken as he is, displayed extreme cowardice when bravery was needed most.

Luckily, we're massive nerds here, and took great notice when Jorah Mormont was crafting his farewell letter to Khaleesi as he prepared to take his life following the declaration that he would lose his wits to the greyscale.

This is all before Sam decides that he knows how to cure him in one of the most excruciating ways possible, by carving off his greyscale with a knife and applying some healing ointment.

We struggle with minor paper cuts so we can't even imagine how painful that would be (although, luckily this is a TV show and not real life).

Before one of the most disgusting scene transitions we've ever seen in our lives... we'll never look at a pie the same again.


While we only got a fleeting glimpse of his letter to everyone's favourite Targaryen, here's what we were able to read.


I went to the Citadel in the last hope that the maesters could treat me as you ordered. Even with all [illegible] I am beyond any cure out the grave. I have had a longer life than I deserved and I only wish I could’ve lived to see the world you’re going to build, standing by your side. I have loved you since the moment I met you. If there’s…


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