Ryan Reynolds shared a hilarious story of an inappropriate fan encounter on Graham Norton 1 year ago

Ryan Reynolds shared a hilarious story of an inappropriate fan encounter on Graham Norton

There is a time and a place to go up to movies stars, and this was not one of them

I think we can all agree Ryan Reynolds is a very cool guy. Obviously he’s great at being in movies, but he just seems like a really fun guy to hang around with. He’s always doing dumb stuff online and playing practical jokes, and basically willed the Deadpool movies into existence single-handedly. He’s the sort of guy you just want to be mates with.

So it is understandable that if you saw him on a plane, you’d want to go over and get a selfie or something. But obviously, you remember the golden rule of approaching celebrities – don’t be a dick. Be polite, they don’t owe you anything, and don’t go over if they’re eating, or with their kids or whatever.

Reynolds was on The Graham Norton Show this week, to promote Deadpool 2 and he told a story about an interaction with a fan that was somewhat inappropriate. The  guy didn’t really break that rule, but it definitely wasn’t the right time to start stanning.

The Graham Norton Show: Ryan Reynolds' inappropriate fan

Ryan Reynold’s marriage tips - don’t ignore your sick wife for a celebrity.

Gepostet von BBC One am Sonntag, 13. Mai 2018

“There was a couple and they were on a honeymoon… and the woman who had just gotten married just became violently and horribly ill on the plane… It was crazy, and people were freaking out all over the plane.

“So they brought a stretcher down and they’re wheeling her away. Her new husband… he sees me and he’s like ‘DEADPOOL! No way! High five!’.”

Reynolds says he told the guy that he should probably be attending to his seriously ill wife, which is absolutely right. But at the same time, imagine seeing Deadpool on your honeymoon!? How cool would that be!? That’s definitely a story to tell the grandkids.