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30th Apr 2018

Ryan Reynolds shared a hilarious rejection letter from the Avengers

"Absolutely not."

Wil Jones

Is Ryan Reynolds actually just Deadpool in real life now?

Obviously, he plays Deadpool in the films. But he keeps breaking into the real world, harassing Hugh Jackman and even trolling his wife Blake Lively now.

His latest stunt though? Trying to join the Avengers.

You might have noticed there’s a big superhero movie at at the moment that isn’t Deadpool 2. Something that has “Avengers” and “War” and maybe “Infinity” in the title. And it seems Ryan Reynolds – or maybe Deadpool himself, it’s not quite clear – applied to join them.

It appears Tony Stark (aka Iron Man) replied, and he wasn’t successful.

Re: Joining the Avengers


Absolutely not.

Go bother Prof. X



Tony Stark.


Tough luck, Wade. I mean, er, Ryan.