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22nd Dec 2016

Ruth Langsford made a very embarrassing sweary Christmas slip-up on This Morning

Please don't do this to your Christmas turkey.

Mike Wright

It always seems to happen at the worst possible moment.

You’re talking about something completely innocent and then somehow your subconscious highjacks proceedings and makes you say something deeply, deeply inappropriate instead.

Fortunately for the most of us it doesn’t happen while we are live on air to millions of TV viewers, unlike This Morning host Ruth Langsford.

Earlier today the presenter seemed to be making an effortless segue from talking about techniques for the perfect turkey to nailing all the other elements of a Christmas dinner when she dropped this clanger.

She said: “From lumpy gravy to under cocked… to under-cooked turkey.”

Eamonn Holmes immediately clocked the blunder and looked away to the side as he tried to stifle his oncoming snigger.


Ruth later asked her husband co-host what he had found so amusing

Eamonn started to explain but then cut off and added: “Anyway, let’s just take a break.”

For a moment it looked like the pair might start to lose it but they managed to steel themselves and soldier on with the rest of the segment.

What a pair of pros.

However the cringe-inducing mixup didn’t go unnoticed by This Morning viewers.