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07th Jul 2015

Ringo Starr: “All I want for my birthday is peace and love”

Lia Nicholls

Ringo Starr is celebrating his 75th birthday with a global “Peace & Love” salute.

The former Beatle is again inviting the world to think, say or share #PeaceAndLove on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

This idea was born in 2005 when Ringo was asked what he would like for his birthday, and his reply was “more Peace & Love”.

Ever since, he has invited the public to join him wherever he is on his birthday and asks “everyone everywhere to think, say or do #PeaceAndLove at noon their local time.”


To mark the occasion, Starr is hosting his annual ‘Peace & Love’ ceremony at the Capitol Records building in Los Angeles, where he will be joined by David Lynch, Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh and Edgar Winter, along with Starr’s wife, actress Barbara Bach.

So the Peace & Love moment moves over the planet starting at noon in New Zealand to Noon in Hawaii and everywhere in between.

Come on people, share the Peace & Love…