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09th Jun 2018

Rick and Morty release typically weird and twisted song for Kanye West’s birthday


Wil Jones

New Rick and Morty is always a good thing

Rick and Morty has never been a show with the most timely of schedules. After a drawn out period of uncertainty, the show was finally renewed for a whopping 70 more episodes last month. But we still don’t have any sort of ETA for them yet. We have had an April Fool’s episode and a music video in recent months, and those little nuggets have kept fans going.

And now we’ve got another little morsel of Rick and Morty – for the strangest reason.

Co-creator and voice actor Justin Roiland has released a new song, for Kanye West’s birthday.

Apparently commissioned by Kim Kardashian West as a birthday present for her husband, she tweeted the song, and it is suitably messed up. It involves Rick sneaking into Kanye’s bedroom through the window, and into his bed while he’s a sleep, while Morty pleads for him to stop. If you listen closely, you can hear Roiland cracking up as he sings it.

There’s no visuals for it unfortunately, just a still image of Rick and Morty with a cake for Kanye.

Kanye he previously tweeted about his love for the Adult Swim cartoon – remember when he tweeted about fun stuff like cartoons, and not supporting Donald Trump?

The official Rick and Morty account also tweeted a happy birthday message to Ye.

Kanye has been releasing a lot of music since he rejoined social media. Kids See Ghosts, his joint album with Kid Cudi, was released this week, and his solo record Ye the week before. He also recently dropped Pusha T’s new album DaytonaKids See Ghosts and Daytona have both been received pretty well, but Ye much less so.. Is it being too snarky to say that this Rick and Morty song is probably more fun than anything on Ye?