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03rd Jul 2018

Richard Hammond ‘comes close to driving off a mountain’ during filming of The Grand Tour

Another close call

Kyle Picknell

I’d watch out for that sheer drop off a cliff face if I was you mate

It has been revealed that Richard Hammond (the small one) narrowly avoiding driving off a cliff whilst filming the second series of The Grand Tour up in the snow-covered mountains of Colorado.

Jeremy Clarkson (the big one) and James May (the other one/the slow one/the one who looks like a geography teacher) responded as all good friends do when someone close to you almost careers down a mountain to a horrible death: they asked him if he was alright first, then pissed themselves laughing immediately afterwards.

The near-death experience occurred whilst the trio were testing out how old Jaguars cope on the snow. Yeah. Essentially they tried to go skiing, but skiing in cars. Because they like cars. Did you know they like cars?

It’s an important investigiation if I’ve ever seen one, I mean, who hasn’t carved down a piste wondering “surely there is a less safe, less fun, more costly method of getting to the bottom of this basely vertical slope?”

Here’s how it went down afterwards:

Video courtesy of The Grand Tour and Amazon Prime Video

You’ll find the full footage of Hammond almost dying in episode 6 of the upcoming series appropriately titled ‘Jaaaaaaaags’, which is presumably what the presenter was screaming when he lost control of the car and thought that he was going to fall into the snowy abyss.

If there is any consolation for him, it’s that his brave research didn’t go to waste as Clarkson, ever the luminary, concluded that skiing is in fact faster and more controllable then some Jags.

Thanks for that, Jez. Nice one. Now we can all rest a little bit easier at night.

The trio are currently filiming the third series of Grand Tour where they will presumably be attempting to go deep-sea diving in a Vauxhall Corsa and become the first man to land on the moon via a Renault Megane.