Freddy from School of Rock has grown up to be an actual rock star 4 years ago

Freddy from School of Rock has grown up to be an actual rock star

Spazzy McGee no more

It’s been 15 years since the release of the groundbreaking hit, School of Rock. Yes, the movie told the age-old story of Dewey Finn (or Ned Schneebly) as he turned one school class into one of the deadliest bands of all time.


Fifteen years on, and we still laugh, cry and sing-along to the film, however, we can’t help but wonder where some of the cast are now.

There was one character in particular that captured our hearts early on  – Freddy Jones.


Freddy was the rebellious drummer who just couldn’t keep quiet and we loved him for it.

The actor who played Freddy was Kevin Alexander Clark and since the shooting the film, Clark has left his career in front of the camera behind and gone on to become a professional drummer.

Yes, Kevin now lives in Chicago and has kept in touch with many of his former castmates, especially Rebecca Brown, who played bass guitarist Katie.

Kevin Alexander Clark with School of Rock co-star, Jack Black.

Kevin hasn’t acted since the movie was made back in 2003 and says he’s now a “striving rock star”.

The musician, however, did take the time to attend the opening night party of the Broadway production of School of Rock - The Musical and posed alongside his on-stage counterpart.


Kill it, Freddy!