Pokemon Go Plus is going to be incredible – but there's bad news about the release date 5 years ago

Pokemon Go Plus is going to be incredible – but there's bad news about the release date

It looks like we're going to have to wait another while longer to upgrade to Pokemon Go Plus.

Nintendo confirmed on Wednesday that the release of the Pokemon Go Plus accessory will be pushed back by at least two months, meaning it will become available in the UK and Ireland in September - instead of July, as originally planned.


Although Pokemon Go has been developed by Niantic Labs, Nintendo have taken it upon themselves to produce the add-on which allows you to play the game without taking out your phone every time.


So how does it work?

Well, Pokemon Go Plus is not a game itself, just a tool to play the game without whipping out your smartphone all the time.

It basically looks like a mix between a pokeball and a map location point, with a button in the middle to let you play.

pokemon go plus


It connects to your phone via bluetooth, buzzing and flashing whenever you encounter a PokeStop or a Pokemon. Then you can click on the button to either interact with the PokeStop or try to catch the Pokemon.

Unfortunately, you'll only be able to catch Pokemon that are already in your Pokedex, so if you're trying to find that elusive Dratini then you're going to have to get your phone out.

It's not ideal, but it should be a little kinder to your battery and make it easier to hatch an egg without carrying your phone out in the open for the whole 10km.

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