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08th Feb 2017

If you’re still playing Pokémon Go, there’s something special in store for Valentine’s Day

Yes, people are still playing Pokémon Go.


We’re not the type to judge people for their life choices, so we’re not going to make any assumptions if you’re still playing Pokémon Go six months after its release.

Stats suggest the augmented reality game has had an impressively long shelf-life, even if it’s not creating the same buzz it was last summer, and creators Niantic are still taking measures to reward everyone who has stuck with it.

Beginning today, Pokémon Go players will be more likely to catch or hatch pink Pokémon as part of a special Valentine’s Day ‘event’ running until February 15.

That means more Chanseys and Clefables, plus newer hatchable characters such as Cleffa, Igglybuff and Smoochum, as per an official release.

As with the earlier Halloween event, multipliers will also be put in place to encourage folks to brush the dust off that old app and get playing again.

You’ll earn candies twice as fast for walking with your buddy Pokémon, while catching, hatching and transferring will also see you double your rewards.

Is that enough to coax you back to Pokémon Go? Or do you have absolutely no idea what we’re even on about?

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