Piers Morgan's book sells just 5,650 copies in a year in US 8 months ago

Piers Morgan's book sells just 5,650 copies in a year in US

'My copy is going to the charity shop'

Piers Morgan's book sold just 5,650 copies in a year in the US despite the controversial TV personality's hordes of passionate followers that seem to hang onto his every sentiment.


A report from the New York Times has shown that Morgan's book only sold 5,650 copies in the US despite the journalist's presence across the pond.

Entitled Wake Up: Why the World Has Gone Nuts - which should come as no surprise - the book addresses the culture of so-called 'wokeness' prevalent in the UK.

Piers morgan Via Amazon

"It's time to cancel the cancel culture," reads one sentiment from the book's Amazon page. So let's cancel the cancel culture, and we can all watch it get it's own podcast, book deal, and TV appearance following the cancellation.

The excerpt continues: "It's time to wake up.

"If, like me, you're sick and tired of being told how to think, speak, eat and behave, then this book is for you.


"If, like me, you think the world's going absolutely nuts, then this book is for you."

The book continuously targets speciality areas for Morgan, including gender, veganism, mental health, racism and feminism.

The reviews are mixed, with one user even stating that many parts of the book are based on Twitter.

He continues: "He is like a dog with a bone, attacking ministers for their handling of the virus without saying what he thinks they should have done.


"My copy is going to the charity shop."

Another said: "Why I am always right", by Piers Morgan is exactly what you'd expect from a name-dropping narcissist who has used lockdown to re-hash his best tweets and TV moments. Save the £10 and save yourself the tedium of wondering why he's so infallible."

So it goes to show that those with millions of followers and booming book sales are not synonymous with one another.

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