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01st May 2019

Grown man Piers Morgan spits Percy Pigs out live on air because they are vegetarian

Wil Jones

Totally normal behaviour

A taste test between vegetarian and regular Percy Pigs on Wednesday’s Good Morning Britain ended with Piers Morgan overdramatically spitting out the non-animal-product version.

Marks & Spencers recently removed the gelatine from the Percy Pigs recipe, meaning that they are now suitable for vegetarians.

Of course, this minor change caused Piers Morgan to have a performative meltdown live on morning television.

“Seriously, go and get sweets that are not called Percy Pigs. Get ones called Kale Nicies. Leave our pig sweets alone, people.”

Despite being so horrified by this turn of events, Morgan admitted he had never actually had the original version.

“No, but I’m about to eat them all the time,” he said when asked about it by co-host Susanna Reid. “The old fashioned, gelatine ones.”

ITV weather girl Laura Tobin tried both versions, saying she could taste the difference.

Morgan then accidentally put one of the vegetarian ones in his mouth – then spat it out with great gusto, exclaiming that it tasted like “like washing up liquid”.

Piers Morgan previously vomited up a Greggs vegan sausage roll live on GMB to prove a point/for attention (delete as appropriate).

He then defiantly ate a fry up on TV, for some reason.