Piers Morgan vomits for attention live on TV 2 years ago

Piers Morgan vomits for attention live on TV

The level of outrage in this debate is quite frankly astounding

In the five days since popular bakery Greggs announced that they were launching a new vegan sausage roll, the debate that ensued has been nothing short of ridiculous.

Thousands of carnivores were so outraged by the news of a vegan alternative being rolled out that one actually bought one and threw it in the bin, posting a video of his deed to Twitter just to prove how passionate he feels about the issue.

Wait until he finds out about veggie burgers.

One major anti-vegan crusader has been Piers Morgan. To absolutely nobody's surprise, Morgan has been vocal about the issue on Twitter, confusing providing vegan options with political correctness.

The contrarian host of Good Morning Britain has a long history of taking opposing views for apparently no reason other than to stir controversy, and he is refusing to relent on this one.

On Monday morning's show, the former editor of the Mirror has given a vegan sausage roll to taste. Instead of just eating it and admitting defeat, he appeared to find the pastry revolting, claiming that it smelt bad.

He then took it one step further and spat the food into a conveniently placed bin next to his feet, just to show all the viewers how much he hated the thing.

His co-presenter, Susanna Reid, was less put off, and appeared to enjoy the sausage roll, describing it as "really tasty".